Dreamy Lavender Field

I have wanted to visit a lavender field for years. Really, years!

Once I’ve seen how beautiful they are in online photos, I was dying to experience that beauty first hand for myself.

So this year I finally said to my husband, “We’re going to the lavender field this summer no matter what.” And so we went.

There were actually two lavender fields I was planning to visit because I couldn’t decide which one to go to. Each one is within one and a half hour drive from my house. So I thought, why not?

However, my first attempt did not pan out. We chose to go to Terre Bleu in Milton to check out their July lavender festival. But, upon arrival, we were turned away if you can believe it. And so were tons of other people because they were at over capacity!

Needless to say, we weren’t impressed at all. We wasted our day driving back and forth and didn’t get to see the lavender field I was so looking forward to seeing. I wish they’d sell tickets ahead of time if they run into this problem because no one wants to spend their Saturday driving back and forth for nothing. Oh well, they won’t see me there again.

Good thing there is another lavender field to explore nearby!

This time around, our day trip was a big success. We visited the Laveanne Lavender Field in Port Hope, Ontario. And we had a very pleasant experience.

The Laveanne farm was absolutely stunning and had a lot to offer, including fantastic customer service!

We started with a really lovely and delicious lavender inspired lunch on the terrace. Just so you know, I booked a reservation ahead of time, which was absolutely necessary. We saw a lot of people coming in without a reservation and getting turned away because they were fully booked up. So if you plan on going, make sure to book ahead to avoid disappointment.

The lunch experience was outstanding and made me want to cook with lavender! Good thing I have some growing in my backyard :)

On their website, they say Let us carry you away in thought, to the South of France with the breathtaking view from our terrace overlooking the lavender fields.” And I really did feel like I was in France!

Afterward, we walked around and took a ton of pictures for my portfolio, which I was really happy about.

Then we explored their charming gift shop. Even though we already had dessert with our lunch, we just could walk away without trying their lavender ice cream. It was so worth it! A great way to end our day before heading back home.

To view my entire collection of lavender photos, visit one of my galleries below :) 

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