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When I was growing up, I always believed that you had to be born with creativity and only the selected few got to be creative. If this is your mentality too, it’s time to change it. It turns out I was very wrong. For the past several years I have been unleashing my creative muscles in many different ways and I can assure you that with practice, I have become more creative.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a business owner, you might struggle from time to time to find new ideas. You may feel that you’re not creative enough to start your own business or that you’re out of fresh ideas for your existing business. It happens to the best of us. But there are ways to improve this mindset.

In the book “How to be Creative”, the author Liz Dean says:

“You don’t need to be a genius to be creative. You just need to be consistent in giving yourself time to create.” - Liz Dean {TWEET IT}

I couldn’t agree more. Creativity is developed through practice, it is not something we were born with. By allowing ourselves time and space to create, we open ourselves up to new ideas and outcomes. If you’ve been feeling a little stuck in the creativity department, the following tips will bring back some sparks for you.

1. Get out of your comfort zone.

One of the ways to become more creative is to practice taking the unbeaten path. Literally, take a different route from time to time when you go to work, come back home or anywhere else you regularly go to. This may sound simple, but it works. We humans are creatures of habit and sometimes that can be a little stifling to our creative minds. When we do things every day out of habit, we don’t have the need to think much about those things, so we’re not exercising our creative muscles. We’re kind of on autopilot. However, if we step outside our comfort zone once in a while, it forces us to think about different ways of doing things. Our brains start to become more active because now, by taking a different route home for example, we have to figure out which way to go. This puts a fresh perspective in our minds. We suddenly see new things on the way, and in turn we’re starting to think about new things while forming new ideas in our heads. This doesn’t just apply to the route you take every day. You can practice getting out of your comfort zone in many different ways. You should aim for doing something that makes you uncomfortable at least once a week because new experiences will help you develop new perspectives and new insights, which will help cultivate creativity.

2. Write things down.

Another way to boost creativity is to write things down all the time. Each and every day we all have thousands of thoughts going through our minds. Most of those thoughts are the same ones over and over. But, even though we have so many repetitive thoughts, we also have some new ones every now and then. As it happens, we do come up with new ideas sometimes, but because we have some many more thoughts following those new ideas, we forget them. The best way to solve this is to carry around a little notepad and every time you get a new idea, write it down. You can also get a voice-recording app on your phone and use that if it’s easier for you. Whatever works best for you, use that method, but really try this out. When I started writing down all my new ideas as soon as they came to mind, I noticed a visible difference in how often I started getting new ideas. It really works! Every time I do this, I feel my creative juices flowing. It is worth a try.

3. Declutter your space and your mind.

We are all surrounded by a lot of stuff. Stuff at home, stuff at work, stuff everywhere… The problem is, it’s often way too much stuff than we need. Physical clutter convolutes the mind, not allowing it to create freely. Not to mention, it decreases productivity. Our physical environment has a huge impact on our ability to think and create freely. Whether you believe it or not, a messy desk makes you less focused. So clear out anything that doesn’t belong there. Recycle scraps of paper lying around, keep only one notepad and one pen on your desk and put the rest away. Get rid of any objects that don’t belong there. Your old greasy napkins gotta go! And don’t stop there, do this in every part of your home. You don’t have to do it all in one day, but pick one area a week maybe and go nuts. If you’ve never done this, you will feel a huge lightness after you declutter every single area. This feeling is pretty euphoric actually. Every new season, I go through my closet and get rid of all clothes that no longer serve me. If it’s outdated, worn out or just simply doesn’t bring me any joy to wear it, it’s out! I donate the clothes that are in good shape to a charity. Not only do I feel good about clearing out my space but also about helping those in need. When we declutter, we open our space physically, emotionally and imaginatively. This helps us feel lighter and more open to new possibilities. This process clears up our mind and allows our creativity to shine.

I hope you try these methods out, especially if you’ve been feeling stuck in your creativity mode. I’m sure you’ll feel inspired once you give these a go.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject. What are some of your own ways to spark your creativity? Share them below in the comments section and get the conversation started.