best podcasts for entrepreneurs

Podcasts have grown really popular in the last few years. In fact, there are so many out there, it’s hard to choose what to listen to.

I never used to listen to podcasts before. I mean I’d listen to like one once in a blue moon and that’s it. I used to think they’re a waste of time actually because I couldn’t find a way to fit them into my day.

But recently I discovered that some of my favourite influencers have their own really great podcasts and so I started to listen to them. I found them so inspiring that I decided I had to make more time for them.

Wanna know how I did it? I started listening to them instead of music while going out on my regular walks. Now I get double the benefits! I get exercise and a dose of inspiration all in one go.

Here’s what happened once I started listening to these podcasts more frequently.

  • I started feeling more accepting of where I’m at in my business.

  • I got a deeper sense of connection to other creatives.

  • I realized that all those successful entrepreneurs I usually put up on pedestals are also human beings who deal with their own daily struggles.

  • I feel encouraged to keep going, even on days I’m down because I’m learning that everyone started somewhere to get to where they are.

  • I developed a much deeper appreciation for everything I’ve accomplished so far.

  • I’ve grown more patient with myself and stopped beating myself up for “not getting enough done fast enough”.

All in all, I’m finding that by listening to other creatives’ stories, I feel greatly inspired and encouraged to continue making my own mark in the world. So I wanted to write this post and share with you my top podcasters for creative entrepreneurs. I’m hoping you’ll also find them inspiring.


This is the first ever podcast I started listening to on a regular basis. It’s an all-around feel-good podcast that’s easy to listen to. It’s run by Jonathan Fields and he always talks to entrepreneurs about what it means to live a good life.

To quote his website, “Every week, they share inspirational, intimate and disarmingly-unfiltered conversations about living a fully-engaged, fiercely-connected and purpose-drenched life.” I couldn’t have put it better myself!

Plus, I totally enjoy his end of show geekery that he started adding more recently.



The Raw Milk Podcast by Beth Kirby is very authentic and inspiring. I don’t know why the name “raw milk” haha, but I just go with it.

I first discovered Beth Kirby on Instagram and instantly fell in love with her image gallery. Her food photography is stunning! It’s hard not to pay attention.

She just started her podcast very recently but I was immediately intrigued and I’ve already listened to all of her episodes! It helps that she has a very soothing voice. :)

The interviews are always with super cool creative entrepreneurs and they’re very REAL. Meaning, the don’t shy away from talking about what it’s really like for them behind the scenes, which is why I love listening so much.



This one is another gem. It’s run by Jenna Kutcher, who’s another creative rockstar whom I discovered on Instagram. She's so super real!

She’s also an awesome photographer, who created a 7-figure empire on her own. How can one not be inspired? She’s been doing it for a while, so luckily there are a ton of juicy episodes available.

Jenna is very community-driven and helps business owners redefine success and chase bolder dreams. I’m positive you’ll enjoy listening to her podcast!



This one is hosted by Kelsey Chapman and is so good. I’ve listened to a bunch of episodes already and love them all. I happened to find her randomly by searching podcasts for entrepreneurs on Spotify! It was a lucky find.

Similarly to the previous two, she interviews some very inspiring women in business. They all have something awesome to offer and share with us gals trying to create our own empires. :)



This one is a little bit different in the sense that the founder, Sara Anna Powers focuses a lot on faith in her business and life. While I’m not exactly religious, I still really enjoy listening to her podcast because it’s super inspiring and encouraging. I also stumbled upon this one randomly on Spotify!

When she talks about God, I simply think of it as the Universe because I resonate with it better. You’re welcome to interpret it however you like for yourself. To each they’re own!

Listening to this podcast helps me to define my own belief system and carry on. :)


And that’s a wrap. I’d love to hear from you. Have you listened to any of these? Are you going to give any of them a go? If so, which one? Comment below!