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As entrepreneurs, we often have many hats to wear and often that causes conflicts for us between time and balance.

I’m always looking to streamline my business and make things easier for myself to save time (and sanity, let’s be honest). That’s why whenever there’s a new tool on the block that can help my online business run even smoother, I’m eager to try it out.

So in the past few years, I’ve tried a lot of different tools and today I want to share with you one that stands out from the crowd.

I’m pretty sure that by now you’ve at least heard about Canva. It’s gotten pretty popular and a lot of people use it. I’ve used it in the past as well, but that’s not the star of today’s post, so keep reading!

However, while it was fine for creating your own graphics from scratch, I always felt that their pre-designed templates were lacking in modern appeal. They felt kind of old school to me, so I never found much use out of them.

Then one day I came across another design tool called Easil and I thought, “Where have you been hiding all this time?”

Honestly, I instantly thought it was better than Canva (sorry Canva). The pre-made templates are so much prettier in Easil! They’re modern, clean and more feminine in general.

I feel that with Easil, I can actually use some of the pre-existing templates to create designs for social media posts etc. So if you don’t have time to learn Photoshop or are really looking to save a ton of time designing elements for your website or social media, Easil will be your best friend. Plus, it’s free to start! Who doesn’t love free?

And I still haven’t shared the best part of Easil with you yet! Get ready for this… they just came out with a new super awesome feature that lets you add masks to your text! That means you can have gold text or any textured text you like. All without Photoshop!

I don’t know about you, but that made me pretty excited because it’s such a cool feature. Plus, it’s such a time saver. In the end, that’s what I always want these tools to help me with – saving time.

So go ahead and take Easil for a spin. Then, make sure to tell me in the comments below what you liked most about it. :)

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