how to start a blog in squarespace

If you’ve been to my blog before, you know that I’m a huge fan of Squarespace for business.

Squarespace is so darn good because it’s simple to use, but also great in keeping up with your growing business.

They continually add more new features that can help your website reach top performance.

Just to give you an idea, here’s a summary of what Squarespace added in 2018:

  • New Circle Website and Dashboard

  • Squarespace App

  • New languages

  • Email Campaigns

  • New SEO Page Settings

  • Subscription Products

  • Tagging Products on Instagram

  • Location-Based Shipping

  • Checkout Options

  • Improved Discounts

  • Improved Site Visibility Options

  • Image Block Animations

  • Enhanced Cookie Banner Styling Options

  • Unsplash Integration

  • Plus New Ways to Measure Analytics

Pretty amazing for one year’s additions, huh?

So if you’re still wondering if this is a good choice for your business, read this first: Is Squarespace right for you?

Now just so you know, you can add a blog to any of the Squarespace templates. Its blogging interface is super simple to use and offers many cool features.

The only thing to remember is that the blog features may vary between the different templates. You may want to read Why I only use brine templates for web design in Squarespace to find out my take on templates.


The first thing you’ll need to do to add a blog to your Squarespace site is head over to Pages in the sidebar and click + to add a new page. Then you’ll select Blog.

starting a blog in 2019
starting a blog in 2019
starting a blog in 2019

Click on the blog link to open up your blog page.

blogging with Squarespace
blogging with Squarespace

Now you’ll see a blank canvas where you can start adding your first post.



Before you go any further, take a few minutes to explore the settings available in your blog page. Just click on the cog to open them up.

blogging with Squarespace

You won’t need to worry about messing around with too many things here as most of them can be left as they are. It’s just good to acquaint yourself with what’s available in case you do want to make some changes down the road.

The one thing I would strongly recommend is making sure the the URL Slug under Basic is something simple like /blog or /post as it will be shown in all of your post URLs. Keeping it simple makes your site look clean and makes link sharing easier.

Also, there’s a new SEO tab (one of the things added in 2018) which is brilliant because it lets you add some keywords to your blog page. Use the right keywords for your business and it will help your page get found.

I would definitely change both the SEO Title and SEO Description even though they’re optional. You can even see the Search Results Preview as you type. This is what people will see on Google when they search your blog page.

how to start a blog in Squarespace

Once you’re satisfied with your changes here, just hit SAVE.


If you’re ready to add a new post, click on the + and a pop-up will appear where you can add all your content.

how to start a blog in Squarespace
how to start a blog in Squarespace

Now comes the fun part. As you’ll quickly notice, blogging with Squarespace is very intuitive. So you really just need to follow the prompts in here to create your post.

Here’s where you’ll get to enter your title, text and other blocks as needed. You can add images and other blocks the same way as on any other page in Squarespace.

Just hover your mouse over the empty areas until the line shows up and then click on it to open up the options. You’ll have choices galore to make your blog awesome.

starting a blog in squarespace

 Once you’re done entering all of your content in, you can play around with the rest of the options.

You can add tags and categories if your blog will have different topics. You can decide if you want people to be able to comment on your posts or not. And you can choose whether you want to save a draft, publish immediately or schedule it for later.

That’s just the first tab. The next step is to click on the Options tab.

starting a blog in squarespace

In here you’ll want to upload a thumbnail image. This is the image that will show up when you’re sharing the link to your post on your site, social media etc.,

I also recommend changing the Post URL to something short and simple because it’s better for SEO. This does depend on how you title your posts though, as that’s what it pulls automatically if you don’t change it.

For example, for this post my title is “How to start a blog in Squarespace in 2019”. So to make it shorter, I could change it to something like “How to start a blog” or “Blogging with Squarespace”.

Then you have the Excerpt option. If you choose to enter one here it will be used alongside your thumbnail image for a brief overview of what the post is about. I personally don’t use this because I think the blog summary looks cleaner without it, but it’s up to you.

Those are the main things I look for whenever I create a blog post. To be honest, I don’t touch the other two tabs (location & social). I also like to make sure to check this box:

squarespace tutorial

After you save your post, it will show up under a list on the left and you can click to edit it at any time.

squarespace tutorial


Now that you’ve added a blog page, you’ll likely want to edit the style of it to match the rest of your site.

Note, if you’re using a straight-up template and haven’t made any changes to it in the Style Editor, then you can just leave it as it is.

However, if you’re using a custom made template or made changes to your fonts, colours etc., you’ll want to make sure to do the same in your blog page so it matches your branding.

To do this you’ll need to navigate to your main menu while you still have the blog page open. Then you’ll just click on Design and Site Styles. Here you can play around and adjust your style settings to whatever you desire.

And voila! I told you it was easy. 😉