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Okay, so nowadays there are a lot of other people doing what you do. And you might be feeling like there is just too much competition out there. You start to look around, spend a lot of time researching similar business to yours because you've always been told to know your competition inside and out.

And before you know it, you're wasted a whole day (or several) sitting on your laptop, looking over other company websites and every other one you see seems to be doing things better than the previous. You find yourself saying things like, "Oh look at how she's doing it, I should be more like her!"

Then you find yourself stuck in the comparison land and you lose sight of what your own company was supposed to be about and why you started it in the first place.

Sound familiar?

I've been there too. When you first start out in a new business, it's so hard not to compare yourself to others. But you must remember that "Comparison is the thief of joy" as Theodore Roosevelt put it. And he was absolutely right.

If you want to truly stand out from the competition, the most important thing for you to do is find your own voice. Sure, look at what others do well, but when it's time for you to create, run the other way! Never ever copy what others do.

I'm sure you're aware that no one actually likes copy cats and it's for a good reason. Copy cats are BORING.

One thing I noticed when I started looking around at other coaches at the beginning of my coaching business is that so many of them have the same sales pitch. This usually goes something like: "How I make $10 K month and how you can too!"

Okay that might catch your attention the first couple of times you see it but when the internet becomes oversaturated with these same messages over and over, you will get sick and tired of seeing them and you will no longer pay attention to them.

You get where I'm going with this? If you're using the same message/pitch/copy as ten thousand others in your industry, you will not stand out, you will blend in. And that is the worst thing you can do.

So the key to standing out from your competition is to be more authentic. ALWAYS be yourself when you write your copy, let your audience get to know the real you. Stop trying to sound all "professional and serious" on social media or your blog or your website copy if that is not your thing. If you like to be silly and make jokes, then bring that into your business too. Inject more of your personality into your business. There is no other human being on the entire planet that is exactly is like you, so by being totally yourself, you'll automatically stand out.

So start brainstorming ways of how you can bring your own special touch to what you do. And post in the comments section below to share your ideas and findings :)