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Ah the start of a New Year... what a wonderful time.

It’s a time for new possibilities, re-awakened pursuits of goals and a fresh dose of excitement to make dreams come true.

Don’t you just love this feeling? I do!

But for so many people, making New Year’s resolutions goes as far as creating all kinds of wild plans in January and forgetting about all of them mid-month. 🙁

Don’t let that be you! If you’ve fallen in the trap of this negative cycle in the past, it’s time to change that. Make this year totally different!

I know it’s easy to make goals and not always so easy to make them happen. Whenever we set out to do something new, there’s usually some kind of overwhelm that keeps us stuck instead of moving forward.

But ask yourself this, if not now then when?

This year, I invite you to reevaluate the way you normally start a brand new year and find a new approach that works.

Remember, starting something new is hard, but being unhappy is much harder.

So whether your goal is to start a new business, make it official with a brand new website, find a way to get more clients or simply adapt a healthier lifestyle, I’ve got something that will make your goal planning a lot easier.

Let me introduce you to The Dream Maker Planner. A value-centered planner and development tool designed to help you crush goals based on your values.

First, to give you a bit of a background, I created this planner because I wanted something for myself that didn’t exist. I wanted a paper planner that allows me to write the big-picture goals down, so that I can refer to them on a regular basis throughout the year.

According to Neuroscience studies, you will remember things better when you write them down. (More on that here)

Because of that, I wanted a space to write things down pertaining to my goal setting daily.

I also wanted a space for keeping track of my monthly goals and weekly recaps. And I wanted all of that in one place so that I could easily refer to it whenever I lose motivation. I know from past experience that it’s inevitable. Every now and then we lose sight of what we’re going after, so it’s important to keep a reminder for ourselves.

But, I did not want to give up my beloved Google Calendar. I really enjoy scheduling my daily tasks in there so I can easily keep track of my day. When I first started using Google Calendar, I saw a massive improvement to my productivity. It helps me big time with planning my day smartly and avoiding overwhelm. Plus, I get to keep all my appointments and reminders in one place synced up to my mobile phone, which is super helpful.

So I wasn’t looking for a day planner to replace that. I was looking to add the magic of writing things down to my existing online calendar.

Enter The Dream Maker Planner.

Now let me move on to how you can use it to start the New Year right without the feeling of massive overwhelm.



First of all, when it comes to planning out your whole year ahead, it’s important to spend adequate time doing it.

Do not rush this process. It’s not enough to scribble down rough ideas in a hurry. Set up a whole day when you won’t be interrupted and really think about what you’d like your life and business to look like.

Start by examining your core values and use the first sheet of the planner to list your most important overall life and business goals.

Then, use the following two sheets to examine what went well for you in the previous year and what would make next year really exciting. (There are other questions inside the planner to prompt some ideas if you’re stuck).



There’s nothing more overwhelming than working on all of your big goals at the same time. This is why most people quit. They try to bite off way more than they can chew and eventually find giving up more enticing.

Instead, create monthly micro goals that support your big vision and bring you closer to your overall life goals. One step at a time.

The Dream Maker Planner includes both Monthly Focus and Monthly Reflection sheets to help you focus on one month at a time. Less overwhelm = more joy.

It is also highly encouraged to only pick one to two projects per month max. This way you’ll be able to accomplish them without burnout.



This is where it all comes together. Keeping track of your progress daily is probably the most vital element of the whole year’s planning.

If you can teach yourself to really work smarter instead of harder every day, you’ll find success without a doubt.

That’s why there are Daily Overview sheets in my planner to make this super easy for you.

Not only will they help you keep track of your top 3 most important tasks for the day, but they’ll also encourage you to ensure you’re taking care of your health. You’ll have space to track your daily water intake as well as exercise and meditation.

As entrepreneurs, we gotta take extra care of our health (body and mind). That’s why including this part was very important to me.


The Dream Maker Planner was designed to help both you and I start the New Year right without overwhelm. Also, it’s never too late to start new goals. If you’re reading this after January, know that it’s perfectly fine to begin something new at any time. The planner is undated, so no matter what month you’re in, you’ll be able to start using it and become more productive.

For extra encouragement, I included a Personal Rewards sheet because everything is better when you’re having fun doing it. 😊

I hope you find it helpful in crushing your goals this coming year.