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Goal setting to me is one of those subjects that you either love or you hate. I’ve studied goal setting for a few years now and I’ve learned a lot. I’ve battled with doing it right for almost as long as I’ve studied this subject. And yet, for the longest time, it was a battle I couldn’t seem to win.

There are many experts out there claiming that their way of goals setting is better than all the others, just to add to the confusion of how to do it right. One of the most popular techniques is the SMART goal setting, which you’ve probably heard about at some point.

Okay, so you’ve got to make sure that you goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. Okay great! I did that with my goals for a while thinking that now I will achieve them for sure.

I wrote it all down, I got real specific, I planned it out in my calendar to make it real, and I thought they were achievable. I made myself look at them at least once a week and forced myself to keep the goals at top of mind as much as possible. And yet, I did not make any breakthrough and never actually achieved my goals. I was left frustrated and discouraged, thinking this was all pointless because I’m only setting myself up for disappointment.

If you read my last paragraph carefully, you might have guessed what the problem was already. You might already know why I wasn’t achieving any of my goals. However, in case you didn’t, here’s the real shocker:

I was not in love with my goals.

Did you notice how I said, I “made myself” and “forced myself” to keep these goals going? Yup, they were that boring! My goals were not inspiring enough. They did not make me feel excited because they were goals I thought “I had to do”. Things I might have heard others say that were necessary to move forward in my business.

For example, I started hearing everywhere that doing Periscope was the next best thing for your business and everyone simply had to do it because otherwise they were missing out on humungous opportunities. My FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) kicked in and I started feeling the pressure to start my own Periscope. I created an account, I followed a few people and I made a plan to study this new phenomenon so I could do it right.

I even followed the SMART formula. This was months ago. Guess what? I still haven’t made a single Periscope video and after about a month of “making myself try”, I felt like a failure. Here was another goal I had NOT accomplished. Way to go Marta!

But you see, here’s the problem. I hate the thought of doing a live video! I’m not at all comfortable on live camera and just thinking about it makes my skin crawl. Every time I thought about doing it, I absolutely dreaded getting started.

So why did I want to do it in the first place? Well because of that whole thing about everything you want being on the other side of your comfort zone. Yes, it’s true and I still 100% believe this to be right. However, I’ve come to realize that there is one very important piece that must be included in the equation of any kind of goals setting. And it’s very simple.

You must be in love with your goals.

If I look back on the goals that I did achieve in the past, I definitely recall being super excited about each and every single one of them. Yes, some of them were scary and out of my comfort zone. Yes, they were challenging. But I knew in my heart that I absolutely without a doubt wanted to achieve them, so I did.

It turns out passion is the main ingredient in the recipe for success.

So here’s a pointer for you if you’re still struggling with goal setting and achieving. ONLY SET GOALS THAT YOU’RE REALLY EXCITED ABOUT. This doesn’t mean they have to be easy. It’s okay if there’s a little bit of fear involved. That means you’ll be able to stretch yourself a bit and grow as a person. But you must feel passionate about achieving your goals. It’s imperative that you actually WANT to think about your goals daily and can see yourself accomplishing them because it feels right in your heart. If you set goals out of some sort of obligation like I did before, then you’ll either get bored or frustrated and chances are you’ll never achieve them. This will lead you to feel like a failure.

The bottom line is, it’s important to set yourself up for success not failure. You have at least that power within you, use it well.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Has there ever been a time you did not reach your set goal? If so, why do you think that was? Or do you have your own super powerful way of achieving goals effortlessly? If so, please share your wisdom in the comments below.