Squarespace introduces a new Image Reuse feature

I’m always excited when Squarespace releases new cool updates and there has been one that recently came out which is really awesome.


They’ve launched a new feature called Image Reuse, which allows you to access and reuse images that have already been added to your websites.


This is really great because this feature will undoubtedly improve your workflow when working on your Squarespace website.


What this basically means is that now after you add an image to your site, you can add it to other areas of your site using Image Search. In the Imported tab, you’ll see any images you’ve added.


So if you’ve uploaded the same image to your site multiple times, you'll see multiple versions of it.


Where you can reuse images

You can reuse images in most places where Image Search appears on your site, including:

  • Banner or background images

  • Blog post and event thumbnails (stock images only)

  • Cover Pages

  • Gallery Blocks

  • Gallery Pages

  • Image Blocks

  • Mobile fallback images for background videos

  • Page Thumbnail Images

In some areas, you can upload an image, but the uploaded image can’t be reused, including:

  • Blog post thumbnails

  • Custom thumbnails for videos in Gallery Pages

  • Event thumbnails

  • Product thumbnails


If you need further instructions on how to reuse images in Squarespace, you can check out this detailed guide and follow the steps outlined there.


I personally think this new feature makes things even easier than before where you had to upload an image each time you wanted to use it on different pages.


Hopefully you’ll love this too. Let’s look forward to more exciting news from Squarespace as they come.