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Okay, I’m going to get real here with you, my dear readers. It’s total honesty hour and it’s a bit out of my comfort zone to tell you some of the things I’m about to tell you.

I’m doing this because I recently listened to Amy Porterfield’s podcast #213: 10 Things I'm Embarrassed to Tell You and I got totally inspired by her!

Amy is one of my all-time favourite online business mentors. I met her back in August of 2015 in San Diego after signing up for Marie Forleo’s B-School through her bonus offer, which included a business workshop there.

Here’s a picture of me with Amy. You can totally see the excitement on my face! 😄

new years resolutions 2019

By the way, she’s just as real and awesome in person as she appears online.

Anyway, after listening to her admitting some of the things she’s embarrassed about in her podcast, it got me thinking. She is so hugely successful, yet there are still things she finds challenging to do in her business.

I used to basically hold her up on a pedestal in my mind all this time. I tend to do this when I look at successful people in general. Like they have no faults, like they’re somehow perfect in all they do. Like I need to be that same level of “perfect” in order for me to get to their level of success.

But now I’m seeing a whole new side to all of this.

Every single person on earth (including the very successful ones) faces challenges on a regular basis.

These challenges include having fears about what people think of them and fears of putting themselves out there. Everyone has their own comfort zones and stepping outside those is uncomfortable for every human being.

Realizing this is very comforting indeed. I mean, of course, I wasn’t totally oblivious to all of this. But, every time I hear someone super successful admit some of their inner struggles, it reminds me again that we’re all just humans trying to make the best of this life. And, perfection doesn’t exist.

So…Amy Porterfield totally inspired me to reflect on how I show up in my business. I started thinking about the things I’ve been avoiding because of fear of stepping outside my comfort zone.

The biggest realization for me was that those successful people didn’t get there because they only did things in their comfort zone. They got there because they did things they felt uncomfortable doing despite their fears. They figured out what they needed to do to move forward in their life and/or business and they went for it.

That’s why I’m writing this article. I’ve known for some time in my heart what things I need to be doing in order to grow my business. Yet I’ve been avoiding them because of fear or discomfort.

By doing this, I’m keeping myself accountable in declaring to my audience (you) 3 major things I’ll be doing differently in 2019.



I’m actually embarrassed to admit that I’ve wanted to create some type of online course or digital product for almost four years! Yikes! That’s a lot of time not taking action. It makes me cringe. I really hate being a procrastinator. I’m not usually, but when it comes to the “big stuff” I can be.

I’ve known for a long time that digital products and online courses are one of the best ways to create passive income for online entrepreneurs. In fact, it was in San Diego when I was at Amy’s workshop that I decided I wanted to go that route.

So why haven’t I done anything about it yet? Because it feels so incredibly overwhelming to start such a big project. In all these years, I’ve had a ton of great ideas for an online course, but never made any of them come to fruition.

Well no more. My first declaration is that I’ll be creating my first ever online course in 2019! And I can’t wait!

Plus, I’ve already started working on my first digital product, which is a very special Goal Planner. I cannot wait to share it with you soon!!

*Update: The Dream Maker Planner is now available! Check it out here.



Okay, so numbers are not my thing. Stats, measurements, and analytics of any kind make me want to run the other way.

I don’t know why, but whenever I hear people talk numbers I instantly go into La La land in my head. My eyes gloss over and I lose interest. Numbers bore me to tears and that’s a fact.

However, it’s come to my attention that paying attention to numbers in business is quite important. That’s why I want to start keeping records of things like where my site visitors come from and how my monthly stats change month to month.

It’s crucial to know at least the basics of website analytics and check on them regularly. That’s how you’ll know what you’re doing right, so you can focus more efforts on it. It helps us put our time to better use. So I’ll be doing more of that for sure in 2019.



Oh my goodness, this one hurts me to even type it up in here. Wanna know my secret? I’m terrrrrified of showing up on video. 🤫

And guess what? Amy Porterfield and I have that in common! After hearing her admit that she’s very uncomfortable about being on video in particular totally opened up my eyes. I had no idea she felt that way and I never would have guessed.

People have been telling me to get on video for years and I refused to listen because it always terrified me. It still does, but I made myself a promise to try it out in 2019. At least I can practice getting comfortable with it. I’ll probably start with live Instagram stories because those videos disappear after 24 hours. Excellent way to get my foot in the door, don’t you think?

Honestly, I’m hoping that by putting it all out there and declaring it publicly here in this post, I will finally start challenging myself to do these “scary” things. After I do them, I’ll probably be like, “what was the big fuss about?” At least I’m hoping so!

So that’s it. Those are the 3 things I’ll be doing differently in 2019.

How about you? Have you got anything you’d like to declare to keep yourself accountable? Share it in the comments below. I’ll be cheering you on! 😉