2019 Online Entrepreneur's Business Planner

Meet your new best friend:

The Dream Maker Planner

A value-centered planner and tool designed to help you crush goals based on your values.

Get ready to have your most productive year ever!

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The Dream Maker Planner is not your average day planner.

2019 Online Entrepreneur's Business Planner

It’s more like a passion journal that encourages you to really get things done.

If your goal is to be more productive and accomplish big things in your life and business, this planner is for you.


Unlike any other ordinary day planner, The Dream Maker Planner actually focuses on making your dreams come true.

Hence its name :)

It is meant to go along with your favourite online calendar(such as Google Calendar or something similar) so you don’t lose your precious ability to schedule tasks & reminders in real time.


  • First you’ll start by diving deep into listing your Overall Life Goals, and then your Overall Business Goals that support your life goals.

  • You’ll then go over your previous year and list all that you’ve accomplished because it’s important to recognize one’s success in order to get more success.

  • Next you’ll create your perfect year scenario for the coming year so you know exactly how to start planning your goals.

  • Then you’ll be guided to set monthly goals to help you stay focused.

  • And finally you’ll have a system for keeping track of your most important daily tasks followed by a weekly recap to make sure you’re getting them done.

  • BONUS: Keep track of your daily habits like exercise, meditation and water intake because your health is vital too!


  • This planner comes in a print-your-own, easy to download PDF format.

  • You’re welcome to print as many pages as you like. Instructions are included on how to make the best of your planner.

  • You’ll receive an instant download after purchase ready for use right away.

P. S. This planner is undated so you can start at ANY TIME.