Marta Raptis

Well hello there!

Let me guess, you’re here because…

❃ You’re a creative entrepreneur who’s looking to stir things up and share your awesome business offerings with the world.

❃ You have a message to share, but you can’t quite find a way to convey that message that connects with your audience.

❃ You want to stand out and create an authentic brand that resonates with your potential clients.

❃ You dream of captivating your visitors with your story so that you can turn them from browsers into buyers.

❃ You’re ready to create an intentional marketing strategy that helps your business look, feel and sound like you!

Did I get that right?

If you nodded yes to any of the above, keep reading because I know exactly what you need!

What you need, my friend is enthralling content. Content that’s captivating, attention-grabbing and resonating. You need really, really GOOD content.

Good content HELPS YOU SELL. How?

It helps you connect with your audience and inspires people to take action.

When your audience feels connected to you, they are a lot more likely to BUY FROM YOU.

This is why I love creating content that helps you capture an audience, connect with them, and convert them from browsers into buyers.

Putting out fresh content on a regular basis can sky-rocket your business. In fact, it has a major impact on how fast your audience grows.

Not just any content will do though. It’s been proven that facts tell and STORIES SELL. That’s why boring copy filled with facts won’t do anything to captivate your readers.

STORYTELLING, on the other hand, will go a long way. It’s a sure-fire way to turn browsers into loyal fans, who’ll be eager to hear more from you.

It’s also a scientific fact that people purchase based on EMOTION. Therefore, you need to connect with your potential customers emotionally.

This can be done through creative writing as well as powerful images. Lucky for you, I specialize in both!

I’m an experienced copywriter and content creator, and I can help you achieve your business goals through creative copywriting for your website, engaging blog posts and effective social media content.


My services include:

BLOG WRITING – to help you publish regular content on your website (Google will love you for it and rank you higher in their search engine).

EMAIL WRITING – so you can stay on top of your subscribers’ mind and sell more of your products or services.

WEBSITE COPY – to help you inform and entice website visitors to take that next step.

INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK CONTENT CREATION – so you can attract and capture a wider audience of raving fans.


“Marta is an excellent copywriter! She was able to put my message into words in a way that I couldn’t. I highly recommend her.”
"The Instagram graphics Marta designed are beautiful, beyond what I expected. I'm very impressed with her work! So glad I chose the right person to convey my brand the way she has."
"Marta has a perfect understanding of working with images and typography, as well as how to connect with peoples' emotions and desires. Plus she's smart and super reliable." 

A little bit more about me…

I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and leading a freedom-based business. I’m obsessed with personal development and expressing myself creatively. It feeds my soul.

When I’m not at my desk creating fabulous content for clients, I can be found outside exploring the world and taking photos. I truly enjoy photography and I’m a contributor to premium stock sites, like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and Creative Market.

I also find fun in illustrating with sketch markers. I believe indulging in multiple hobbies can add to the quality of your life and helps you grow as a person. You can check out my Instagram diary here.


Now it’s your turn. I want to know more about you!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Then click that button below and let’s get started! I can’t wait to hear from you.