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Well hello there!

Let me guess, you’re here because…

❃ You’re a busy founder with lots on your plate and not enough time in the day to get it all done.

❃ You need a beautiful website, but you can’t be bothered to learn all the tech stuff yourself and would much rather have it all done for you. 

❃ You dream of captivating your visitors with a stunning online presence so that you can convert them from browsers into buyers.

❃ You’re ready to hire an expert to help you achieve your goals, so you can save time and say goodbye to overwhelm!

Did I get that right?

OR...perhaps you're just here for my photography services? No problem! 



Either way, I'm glad you're here!



I help entrepreneurs create a stunning online presence with simple + modern web designs built on SQUARESPACE.

If you dream of having a beautiful, high-quality website all done for you within days instead of months, look no further. I don’t believe in over-complicating things. I simplify the process of creating authentic websites for creatives, so you can launch in just 2 weeks!


PLUS, I offer professional photography services for events or your branding needs.



When I first tried Squarespace, it was love at first sight..

During my 6 years of running an online business, I experimented with a few different drag and drop type website builders. They were usually easy to learn, but it didn’t take long before I felt limited by what I could do with them. At one point, I wanted more options, so I switched to WordPress. 

There was a huge learning curve involved in mastering WordPress, but I was determined. I studied it relentlessly so I could use it comfortably and be able to update my website as often as needed. 

Until finally, I just couldn't take it anymore. I started to realize that being on WordPress was way too frustrating. First of all, it was very difficult to learn in the first place. And even after I learned a ton, there was still the issue of speed and difficulty of maintenance. My website was ridiculously slow no matter what I did to try to speed it up. Anytime I needed to make a simple update, it would take me forever to get it done because either it was difficult or took way too long to finalize. Did I mention your website can easily get hacked on WordPress if you don't constantly update those millions of plugins? Yup, scary + annoying! 


I came to a point where I said, there has got to be a better way! And that's when a lovely friend of mine said, "I love Squarespace, why don't you try it?" I was desperate, so I said, "I will!"

And just like that, my first love for a website building platform began. I fell in love head over heels with Squarespace. I mean, who wouldn't love an easy, uncomplicated, co-operative, flexible, secure and beautiful tool like this? Plus, I was wonderfully surprised to find out that it was a lot more customizable that I had expected! (And no, they don't pay me to say that!)

I enjoyed the process of using Squarespace so much that I decided to make it my designated platform for creating websites for all my clients. Why shouldn't eveyone's life be easier, right? 





"The photos are beautiful, you captured everything we were hoping for! Thanks for being so accommodating on such short notice. Everything went so well and your professionalism truly gave me peace of mind. I will be recommending you every chance I get. - Quinton


"It was great working with Marta. She was always very fast to respond to any questions or concerns. Very clear and quick in communication. I'm very happy with the website that Marta created. Would definitely recommend Marta to any of my friends. - Sophie


"Marta is a talented individual and helped me come up with a cohesive brand for my Instagram business page. If you want beautiful social media graphics, look no further! I look forward to working with Marta again very soon and on bigger projects." - Tariro


"Marta has a perfect understanding of working with images and typography, as well as how to connect with peoples' emotions and desires. Plus she's smart and super reliable." - Stefan

A little bit more about me…

 Marta Raptis - Content Creator


I’m very passionate about expressing myself creatively and one of the things I love doing most is photography.

When I’m not at my desk creating fabulous web designs for clients, I can be found outside exploring the world and taking photos. I am truly passionate about photography and I’m a contributor to several premium stock sites. 


I believe that...

A Creative Life Is A Happy life!

Now it’s your turn. I want to know more about you!

Are you ready to launch a stunning site you love and take your business to the next level? Tell me what special project you'd like to accomplish or what type of photoshoot you'd like to book.