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Not too long ago, I got to shoot a very talented artist, Marianne Van Drunen.


She makes all kinds of beautiful garden décor out of clay and concrete. Each piece is carefully hand-built by Marianne, hand painted or glazed. This means each piece is truly one of a kind.


Her work is truly amazing and I got to go behind the scenes and capture her work in progress.


I was totally fascinated by her beautiful garden filled with her own creations. And her studio is right there in the backyard of her home, which super cool.


Marianne is artistic and very enthusiastic about her work. She loves the creative process that goes into crafting objects of beautiful art from slurry of mud.


This is why I love working with artists as clients! I can totally relate to the passion of doing something that’s a labor of love.


So in this photoshoot, I made sure to showcase that passion that Marianne has for her art. I included a lot of snaps of her finished art pieces as well as scenes of her working on some of those pieces.

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If you want to check out Marianne’s work, head over to her Facebook page here.


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