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Whether you’re one of those people who loves goal setting or one of the ones who hates it, it can be really challenging to set the right goals.

We often set goals based on an outside influence. We pick them because we think that’s what we want after reading a book or listening to someone else talk.

While I do believe it’s useful to take notes from those who’ve already achieved what I’d like to achieve, I no longer base my goals according to what they tell me to do.

The reason is simple. No matter how successful someone else is, we all have our own path in life. There will never be two people on the planet who have exactly the same paths, values or aspirations.

This is also why I don’t believe in so called “blueprints”.

So what I’m saying is that it’s fine to follow a mentor for inspiration and to get their advice.

BUT, when it comes to your own goal setting, take care to make sure that they’re aligned with your own values.



Here are five simple questions to ask yourself before setting any goals. Know the answers to these and you’ll be well on your way to design the life you love.


1. Why do you really want this?

What is it about this particular goal that makes you really want it? How will achieving it make a difference in your life? How will you feel after having it?


2. Is this really good for your life or because others are doing it?

Again, check in with yourself that this goal is really something you deeply desire or you’re just setting it because someone else told you it would be good for you.


3. Will this matter in a year?

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment with the wrong goals. To ensure this goal really matters, as yourself if you’ll feel like you’ve done the right thing in a year’s time.


4. How do you want to feel looking back at your life when you’re 80?

This was probably one of the biggest motivators for me to quit my miserable job in the first place. I always wondered how I’d feel looking back on my life when I’m old if I just kept doing the thing that was sucking my soul. I knew I had to take a risk and become an entrepreneur for me to feel like my life was well lived.

How about you? What will make you feel like it was all worth it?


5. Does this fit in with your ideal life?

In other words, does this really matter? How important is this really to you?

When you answer all of the above questions truthfully, you’ll be well on your way to setting goals that enhance your life instead of draining you.

If you have any other tips for goal setting, feel free to chime in in the comments section below!