how to set up shop in squarespace

So you’ve got your Squarespace website set up and now you’re ready to start selling your stuff. Awesome! Now it’s time to set up your shop.

Whether you’re selling products or services, the process of setting up shop in Squarespace is pretty similar and quite straightforward.

In case you’re new to this process, I’m going to guide you here step by step on how to make it all happen.

Before getting started, you might want to make sure you have selected the most suitable Squarespace plan for your business. As of now, they have four different options depending on your needs.

Please explore the plans and pricing here and select the one you need. Then come back here to complete your shop setup.




First, you’ll need to create a page that holds all of your products or services for sale. So from your main menu, go to Pages and click the plus sign to create a new page.

From the options there, choose Products.

Adding products to your Squarespace site

By default, your new page will be called “New Products” but you can change the name to “Shop” or “Store” or whatever you like.

*Depending on what you’re selling you may want to keep this page under NOT LINKED. If you’re selling a lot of products and want a direct link to your shop page then you should keep it in your main navigation at the top. However, if you’re selling just a few services, it’s best to keep the shop under NOT LINKED. Then you can create buttons to specific products throughout your site as you see fit.



Now it’s time to start adding products to your new shop page. After you click on it to enter, click on the plus sign in the right upper corner to add a new product. You’ll get to choose a product type from the following options.

How to set up products for sale in Squarespace

Pick the one that’s appropriate for what you’re selling and you’ll be taken to a new window where you can fully customize your product.



Now you’ll need to add in all of the product info. This is where you get to add product images, customize the name and description, give it a price as well as add any relevant tags or categories.

If you’re selling digital products, you’ll need to upload the file that customers will be getting immediately after purchase under Pricing & Upload. If you’re selling physical products, you’ll need to set up shipping for that product etc.

Pro Tip: Under options, you can customize the text for your “Add to Cart” buttons. This is especially useful if you’re selling services. Let’s say you’re selling a coaching package, it may not sound too appropriate to have a button for that service that says “Add to Cart”. I think it would sound a lot better if you changed the text to something like “Book now” or “Sing up today”, don’t you think?

How to sell products in Squarespace

So to make this change, click on Options inside the product window and put a check mark next to “Use Custom Add Button Label”. Then delete the “Add to Cart” text and type in whatever you like.

When you’re done making changes and updates to your product, make sure to click SAVE & PUBLISH to make the product live on your site. If you wish to save it as draft so you can keep it hidden for now until you add more to it, just hit SAVE and no one will be able to see your product just yet.



Before you can make sales, there’s one more thing to do. You’ll need to go back to your main menu and click on Commerce.

commerce Squarespace

This is where you’ll get to set up your payments, shipping options, customer notifications etc. Currently, there are two options for you to take payments: PayPal & Stripe. Connect one of the two to your site (or both to give customers the option) and you’re ready to start receiving payments.

I also highly recommend customizing the auto emails your customers will receive each time they make a purchase, so it’s a bit more branded to your business.

To do that, go to Commerce > Customer Notifications > ORDER EMAILS. There you can adjust the subject line and message as you see fit.

And that’s it. Now you’re ready to start selling!