how to get awesome client testimonials

When I first started my business, I watched a lot of already successful entrepreneurs killing it in their industry with awe. I observed what they were doing and tried to figure out how they got to where they were by secretly studying them.

I would go to their websites and read the testimonials their clients had left them with massive admiration (and a pinch of jealousy). I remember wondering, how on earth are they getting their clients to leave such amazing reviews for their services?

Fast-forward a few years and it is with great pride that I’m realizing I finally got there myself. I too am receiving raving client testimonials for the work that I’ve done. At times I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming!

I mean, I’ve recently been called “a gift from God” and “a manifestor of dreams” for heaven’s sake! Here are a couple of full reviews I received after designing websites for my clients:

“Marta was a God sent miracle for me.  I had been in a challenging moment with my old website and needed expertise, guidance, and the knowledge to work within a deadline. Marta far exceeded every need I had. She was extremely friendly and kind-hearted. She listened and served openly my desired vision. She eagerly partnered with me to create and produce a website that is engaging, inviting and loving. The most impressive quality about Marta is her attentiveness to every detail and in her willingness to respond.  I found working with her to be supportive, positive and uplifting. She really made a challenge into a high rise opportunity. I am forever grateful for her creativity, her honesty and her openness in my website, my work and my life. I hold her and her work in very high regards as one of the top-notch service-mined and loving entrepreneurs to work with. She will be my first choice in web design, marketing ideas, creative graphics and all aspects of technical growth. XO Marta!!  Thank you!!”


"Marta was an absolute joy to work with! I will be honest, I am a recovering perfectionist and it is extremely difficult for me to release the reins and delegate work to others, but Marta changed all that. From the moment we corresponded through email she put me at ease letting me know we would be working as a team. The communication between Marta and I was consistent, clear and truly helpful. The questions she asked me not only produced a beautiful website, but also helped me become more focused on what I wanted people to know about my coaching services. I couldn’t be happier with my site. Marta gave life to the site that embraced my vision."

Wanna know how I consistently receive such awesome testimonials? It all boils down to a simple 3-step formula. Really, it’s that easy.


This is by far the fastest way to ensure happy clients. Simply choose to work with only clients that you want to work with. I understand that at the beginning you may need to “kiss a few ugly frogs” to pay the bills and get some experience. But you will quickly notice that the clients who bargain on your prices are the ones who will have the highest demands (often very unreasonable) and will later only complain instead of giving you a nice testimonial.

So as soon as possible, create you Ideal Client Avatar and seek clients that fit those criteria. These are the people that don’t question your prices because they truly value your services. You will know they’re your ideal clients when you speak to them because your energy levels will tell you. Inside you’ll be screaming “Yes, I want to work with this person!”


After you’ve agreed to work together, take your time to really understand your client’s needs. First and foremost, you must remember that whatever service you’re providing, it isn’t about you; it’s about your client and their results.

Make sure to take the time to hear them out properly and envision their success at the end of your project. This really applies to any service-based business offering. Whether you’re selling web design services (like me), coaching or any other service, the rules are all the same here.



The final and very obvious step is to always do your best work of course! I hope this goes without saying, but after getting booked, you need to deliver outstanding results for your client. Think about how great it would feel to have that happy client who’s willing to leave you a fantastic testimonial and recommend you to all of her friends. It helps to do a little visualizing exercise at the start of your project.

Simply picture your new client at the end of your time together beaming with joy and telling you how much she loved working with you. I started doing this before getting started on each new web design, and…what can I say? It works!