You are unique, your website should be too

it's time for your site to be as authentic, bold, sassy, vibrant & cool as you are


You're making waves, growing your tribe and now you need a website to give your business a virtual home.


But the tech stuff is making your head spin...

I get it, you have a lot of passions but creating a website from scratch isn't one of them. 

Let's make a deal. You focus on your zone of genius, so you can spend your time doing what you love & do best... and I'll focus on mine, where I create a dream website for you.


I'm here to save you time, money and energy.

I specialize in creating modern, professionally designed and affordable websites built in Squarespace. 


Really, you can rest easy knowing that when you decide to work with me, I will take the time to listen to what you need. I'll design your website to reflect the brand that truly represents you


Best Squarespace web designer
Best Squarespace web designer


It's not for nothing that I get called "a manifestor of dreams"!

If you’re in need of a website that authentically represents your brand and helps you attract more of your ideal clients, I’ve got you covered. 


Get ready to launch your website in DAYS, not months!

Yup. You read that right. You can expect your final website to be ready in only 2 weeks!

(*from the time we start working together)


I'm also a Squarespace Circle Member, which means if you set up your account through moi, you'll receive 20% off your annual plan! You're welcome :)


How to design a beautiful website on Squarespace

Why Squarespace? 

Simply put, because it's the leading design-focused website platform. It's also the most recommended platform for entrepreneurs looking to simplify their busy lives. 

I always recommend Squarespace for busy founders (like you) because of its modern design, security, speed and ease of use.

It is my mission is to create beautiful websites for busy entrepreneurs that are user-friendly.

No more wasting time with every little change you need to make!

I’ll deliver an awesome website to you and guide you on how to easily maintain your site afterward.



Are you ready to launch your dream website & start attracting your ideal clients to work with?

Scroll down to get started.

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  • Completely customized responsive website design (up to 6 pages)

  • Coming Soon landing page

  • Opt-in subscriber integration

  • Social media integration

  • Favicon

  • Custom domain connection or transfer

  • Basic SEO

  • E-commerce shop setup (up to 10 products)

  • 1 hour live Squarespace lesson (to help you navigate your new site)

  • BONUS: 20% off 1st year hosting (new members)



  • Completely customized responsive website design (up to 6 pages)

  • Coming Soon landing page

  • Opt-in subscriber integration

  • Social media integration

  • Favicon

  • Custom domain connection or transfer

  • Basic SEO

  • 1 hour live Squarespace lesson (to help you navigate your new site)

  • BONUS: 20% off 1st year hosting (new members)


***Beware, side effects of working with me include:

  • Loss of overwhelm

  • An intense feeling of relief

  • An occasional urge to shout "Finally! I have a beautiful website!"

  • Self-pride for moving forward in your business


Kristi Peck.png


I had been in a challenging moment with my old website and needed expertise, guidance, and the knowledge to work within a deadline. Marta far exceeded every need I had. She was extremely friendly and kind-hearted. She listened and served openly my desired vision. She eagerly partnered with me to create and produce a website that is engaging, inviting and loving. The most impressive quality about Marta is her attentiveness to every detail and in her willingness to respond.  I found working with her to be supportive, positive and uplifting. She really made a challenge into a high rise opportunity. I am forever grateful for her creativity, her honesty and her openness in my website, my work and my life. I hold her and her work in very high regards as one of the top-notch service-mined and loving entrepreneurs to work with. She will be my first choice in web design, marketing ideas, creative graphics and all aspects of technical growth. XO Marta!!  Thank you!!”

- Kristi Peck, Author & Spiritual Mentor/Coach


You deserve a gorgeous website that you're really proud of. 

No design skills? No problem!

Your job is to work on the things you're passionate about. Leave the rest to the other pros.

I'll partner with you one-on-one to help you create a stunning online presence with simple + modern web design.

It's time to feel less overwhelm & more joy!




Let's get started!

Getting started is easy. Simply fill out the form below to get rolling. Once I receive your answers, I will hook you up with a link to book a free website consultation so we can discuss your dream website face to face over Zoom :)

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Got more questions? I've got answers.

Just shoot me an email at to let me know about your project and I'll get back to you ASAP. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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"Marta was an absolute joy to work with! I will be honest, I am a recovering perfectionist and it is extremely difficult for me to release the reins and delegate work to others, but Marta changed all that. From the moment we corresponded through email she put me at ease letting me know we would be working as a team. The communication between Marta and I was consistent, clear and truly helpful. The questions she asked me not only produced a beautiful website, but also helped me become more focused on what I wanted people to know about my coaching services. I couldn’t be happier with my site. Marta gave life to the site that embraced my vision." - Jennifer Kupcho, Spiritual Mindset Coach


“Marta has been a pleasure to deal with in the redesign of my website on Squarespace. She is super professional, diligent, takes the time to really understand the client brief and provides creative imagination in providing solutions to potential design hurdles. I am not easy to deal with but Marta is unflappably calm and focuses on the job that needs to be completed. If you need an excellent, professional website designer, use Marta.” - David Reilly, Let's Learn Digital




"It was great working with Marta. She was always very fast to respond to any questions or concerns. Very clear and quick in communication. I'm very happy with the website that Marta created. Would definitely recommend Marta to any of my friends." - Sophie Lu, Coach


"Thanks Marta, a pleasure to work with someone that gets on with the task and is easy to communicate with, despite our 14-hour timezone difference. Thanks for the SEO work and job well done." - Deb, Nigh Nigh


"Marta was great! She was very engaging and completed the work in a very timely manner. Will definitely recommend and would use again if the need came up." - Lydia


"Marta did a great job and went beyond to make sure I was happy with the site." - Arianna


"The work was done well and timely. The second time I have used Marta's services and will return." - Dean


"Marta has a perfect understanding of working with images and typography, as well as how to connect with peoples' emotions and desires. Plus she's smart and super reliable." - Stefan



"Marta's strategies have been a game-changer! She is exactly the type of person I want in my corner when I need help focusing me toward my goals. Marta is caring and supportive, while at the same time, direct and helpful. She has the ability to get right to the core of the issue and challenges me to be my best." - Faye

"Marta's keen perception and knowledge has helped me get clear on the exact solutions I needed to move forward in my business. She is able to hone in on the problem you are facing and get right to the core of it. Plus, she is funny, kind-hearted and makes me always feel uplifted after each conversation. Marta is the kind of person every entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur should have by her side." - Sophia



"Marta is an amazing business strategist. She's resourceful, patient, inspiring, and an awesome listener. Marta helped me identify, better understand and build on my strengths, as well as develop strategies to deal with the pitfalls - all of which have been instrumental in my career in the creative arts. Oh, yeah, did I mention she's HILARIOUS? If you want to turn your hopes into something real, Marta can help get you there." - Darrin