Have you heard of Skillshare yet? If not, I’ll let you in on a little secret. It has made me a better entrepreneur.

What is Skillshare, you ask? It’s an online learning community where anyone can discover, take, or even teach a class.

Learn on Skillshare

I first discovered it around eight months ago and have since taken over one hundred classes! I know, it sounds insane. But, the classes are all easily doable in the sense that they’re mostly pretty short (the average length of a class is 30-60 minutes) and the format makes it really fun to follow.

There are some classes that are a lot longer if you want to dive really deep into a specific subject, but most of them are under an hour. The quality of classes available is really good too.

I have gained quite a few new skills ever since I started taking classes at Skillshare. All of these new skills attribute to being a better entrepreneur. For example, I learned a lot of new tricks about improving my game on Instagram and social media in general. Every business owner can gain from learning more about marketing, am I right?

There is no shortage of experts on this platform to teach you all sorts of skills. Even the famous Seth Godin has three classes to date there. His Modern Marketing Workshop is the most popular one.

Aside from that, I have wanted to sell my photography on stock sites for years. After taking a bunch of classes related to photography, I finally started! I mastered Lightroom from top to bottom, and that’s when I started shooting all my photos in raw format. Totally makes me feel like a pro :) And now I’m happy to say I have my photos up for sale on big sites like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and Creative Market.

I fully credit Skillshare for this achievement. They provided the classes I needed to make it all happen. To be specific, these two classes were big game changers for me: Adobe Lightroom CC: Complete Photo Editing Course and Photos that sell: Passive income with the photos you already have (there are three parts to this one).

Why has all this made me a better entrepreneur? Because not only have I learned better marketing practices for my business, I also learned new skills that allow me to start making a passive income from my photographs!

Another reason I’m in love with Skillshare is that I learned to draw! Thanks to the numerous art classes I took, I fell in love with drawing and it’s now become my new hobby. Who knows, maybe down the road I’ll monetize it too :) But for now, I’m just trying to enjoy it for pure fun.

I’m a firm believer that having hobbies outside your business helps you have a more enjoyable life. Being an entrepreneur means your mind is always working hard on new ideas. That can lead to burn out really quickly if you’re not careful. By indulging in hobbies just for fun you give your mind a chance to clear and calm down. In the end, this makes you more productive when you actually sit down to work on your business.

So I invite you to join in on the fun and try out Skillshare. If you use my affiliate link, you’ll get two months free! That’s plenty of time to try out many fun classes. I’m only promoting this platform because I really love it and I’ve benefited from it a ton so far.

After you sign up, make sure to let me know in the comments below what your favourite class is! Click here to claim your 2 FREE MONTHS. Enjoy!

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