how to get more organic traffic to my site

I was recently featured on another blog called Caffeinated Blogger in a post called “Free Traffic Sources: Explode Your Website With High Quality Traffic – Fast!”

It was quite a pleasant surprise to find out I was asked to be on the panel of experts in website traffic.

Shortly after that, I found out I was featured on another blog as a Squarespace expert.

It got me thinking that I needed to write up my own post about the top free ways to drive traffic to your site organically. Clearly, I must know a thing or two about this topic. After all, in both of the above cases, my site was found organically!

Seriously, I’ve never paid for ads to drive traffic to my site. And yet, I’m getting a lot of traffic every month, constantly improving my visitor count.

This doesn’t mean it was easy to get to where I am, but after many months of consistent hard work, my efforts are starting to pay off.

Hey, if it was easy everybody would do it and nobody would stand out.

Here are some of the best ways to improve your website traffic based on my experience.


By far, the most important thing you need to do right from the beginning of getting your website up and running is work on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

So many people skip this incredibly important step because they’re intimidated by it or don’t understand it. If that’s you, you gotta get over it and start somewhere.

I already wrote a very basic post on how to get started with SEO. If you haven’t started yet, check out this post here: GETTING STARTED WITH SEO – WHAT TO DO FIRST.

If you’re really uncomfortable with this stuff, I also have a service called SEO Pro. You can have this done for you at a very minimal investment. So either way, no more excuses ok? Either hire someone like me or learn this stuff yourself. Your business depends on it.

Keep in mind, this SEO business is always changing and evolving. You’re never really done with SEO. It’s an on-going job.

Which brings me to my next point; the best way to boost your site SEO is having a blog. By that, I mean not just having a blog page, but regularly publishing new blog posts.

I would advise that you try to post a new blog at least once a week, but if you’re able to do it more often it’s even better. The key is to stick to a regular schedule. So if you know you just can’t write that often, don’t burden yourself with unrealistic goals. That will only make you feel like you’re not accomplishing enough. Instead, pick a frequency you’re comfortable with and stick to it.

Regular blogging is still the number one way to rank higher on Google search engines because Google likes to reward those who share fresh content on a regular basis.

Of course, you want to make sure to perform keyword research before you get started with a blog and make sure to always use targeted keywords and phrases in every single blog post that you publish.



For a long time, I never understood Pinterest. To be totally honest, I’m still wrapping my head around this one. But somehow it works!

First, it’s important to understand that Pinterest is not a social media channel but rather a search engine tool (like Google).

That’s why regular pinning and optimizing your pins with rich keywords is super helpful in growing your traffic. However, it takes a lot of time to do this manually.

That’s where Tailwind comes in! With this tool, I only spend between 30-60 minutes a week max. All I do is schedule pins in batches and set up how often I want them to go out. Then Tailwind does the rest of my work for me on auto-pilot.

Hearing so much about Pinterest and Tailwind boosting traffic, I finally decided to try it out for myself. And those weren’t lies!

After using Tailwind for only three months, I’ve already seen massive results. I went from getting around 2K monthly Pinterest viewers to a whopping 83K a month!

It takes a little longer to translate that traffic into your website, so I’ll create a separate report on that in a future blog post. But the sooner you get started with Tailwind the better.



Of course, you already know about this one, but I still needed to mention it. The problem with social media is that if you try to be everywhere, it can quickly become overwhelming.

Instead of stretching yourself thin, pick one to two platforms max and be really consistent with those.

My personal favourite is Instagram, so I post on there daily for the most part. You can batch schedule your posts there using a tool like Planoly.

The second platform I choose to focus on is Facebook because I’ve gotten clients from there before.

For my trick on using Facebook to grow traffic to your site effectively, make sure to check out this article and find my expert tip at #5!

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